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Binder POS provides and supports a fantastic range of custom website modules, sales platofrm and POS soultion. We pride ourselves on realiability and customer service. Covering daily price updates and databases of singles through to hosting/managing events Binder POS and more! Binder POS has you covered. Because online sales need to be easy!

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Guf Games

Guf Games approched us just after we entered the market looking for a powerful solution to strenghten the Guf brand and assist all franchise owners.
Guf required a way to link their Vend POS software to an e-Commerce solution to sell their MTG singles. Problem was they needed to be able to allocate stock to each store and allow checkout based off location to nearest store.
We worked alongside guf through development and ended up releasing a solution we both could be proud of.

My Pop Culture

My Pop Culture came to us after finding themselves bouncing from POS to POS. Not only were they looking for a solution the was fast, reliable and easy to use, but a system that offered amazing SEO optimization too.
The lovely owners at My Pop Culture have not looked back after making the switch to BinderPOS and quoted publicly that we "leave our competitors in the dust".

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Spellbound Games

Spellbound Content here.

Josh from BinderPOS Cloud Based About the Team Scanner Singles Database Buylist Module Credit Management
I am..
Binder POS is the leading provider of cloud-based POS suites for hobby stores. Our customers typically see a 20% growth in sales after their first year. Now is the time to join the growing list of independent businesses that choose Binder POS to handle their everyday needs.
BinderPOS was started by a small development team of 3 online friends. Each member brought a different skill to the team....
We are excited to annouce that the Binder Scanner is on our doorstep. With its top of the line Image Recognition, it makes scanning of singles a breeze.
Our singles Database is complete for Magic the Gathering with prices updated to all stores twice daily.
We are happy to be shorlty releasing our buylist module. With advanced rule sets and fully integrated with our credit management system, this feature....
With a seemless integration into shopify we have developed the best credit management system on the market. Not only does it itegrate into shopify but into each module we create.
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