Development Roadmap


Additional Card Database Support

The BinderPOS card database currently only supports Magic The Gathering, however shortly we will be supporting Yugioh, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, Cardfight and more.
These databases will include full images, details and pricing that updates twice daily.
All other features available to MTG will be accessible for these supported games including Buylist, Events, Credit and more. If there is a specific card game you are looking for support on please contact us directly.

TCG Integration

On the top of our priorities is stock integration with TCG Marketplace.
We are currently working towards real time stock integration.
We currently support Ebay & Amazon stock and sale integration and adding TCG to this list will enable customers to maximize single sales moving forward with the BinderPOS system.

Digital Display Cabinets

This module will allow stores to complement or replace their open product display cabinets with card stock and sealed stock that is displayed on large screens or monitors.
This element is customizable based on the promotional needs of each client.
This module allows for a cleaner and easier display of cabinet stocks and specials with price and discount presentation.


Moving sealed card stock has never been easier with our pledging module. Being able to generate a link between your store and twitch stream to do paid unboxing in style. Rough example below:

Pledge product = M19 Booster Box
Red ticket = $23.00
Blue ticket = $18.90
Etc etc….

From there the unboxing will be handled live in store along with live on twitch stream (linked to your website and event portal). The customer with the red ticket will receive all red cards pulled in this unboxing. This module handles everything from configuring prices of pledge tickets to launching stream and more.

Binder Portal 2.0

The BinderPOS customer portal shall be receiving a batch of new features. List below:

-Inventory management
-Advanced reporting
-Custom picking lists
-Marketing features for buylist
-Product catalog

These items are currently being worked on and will all be released as one update to our portal. If there are additional requirements you need for your business feel free to contact us for direct custom development.

Additional Templates

For those client making the most of our free template soon there will be a range of templates with the ability to mix and match elements from each to customise your website without having to pay for a custom design.
Our customer websites are built modular and can be rearranged simply allowing us flexibility with new template options.

Event Module 2.0

A new list of features and integrations are coming for our event portal including Facebook calendar integration and Twitch T.V integration. Along with this will come more features such as leaderboards and automated credit allocations on prizes with automated calculations.

Comic support

Currently we have focused our database on card games and our catalogs on sealed/boxed product. However due to popular demand soon we shall be supporting the comic industry by serving and supplying a comic database and price updater. More information to come.