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Our Development Pipeline

August - September 2020

Catalog Service v2

With the hire of our product catalog manager and our new catalog schema, we will be bringing the catalog management inhouse. We are looking at being the source of truth and maintaining the accuracy of our database ourselves.

August 2020

User Permissions Module

The portal will be receiving another overdue module. Like the reporting module set for release in June, the permissions module will allow store owners to configure user access rights to staff. The system will be role-based and allow for read/write/delete permissions to be set. The Point of sales will also be receiving its own set of unique staff permissions, including staff pin codes.

July 2020

Set & pricing updater v2

The catalog and pricing updater service have been well overdue for an overhaul. The new and improved module will allow for faster pricing updates across our TCG singles catalogs and ensure the latest sets are pulled into our system quicker than ever before.

June 2020

Report & filters

For the month of June 2020 we are aiming to have our reports module live. The reports will consist of a WPN Premium report too, making reporting to the Wizard Play Network as easy as a single click.

With this update will come a whole range of new filters throughout the portal, allowing for easier access and filtration of data.

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